Bee's Knees Box

It’s Just More Fun Being Nice, Ya Know? 
This box is just a small spark whose contents we hope serve as a big reminder to intentionally be on the lookout for someone to whom you can show kindness.  
“Kind Words Are Like Honeycomb, Sweet To The Soul And Healing To The Bones”-Proverbs 16:24. Y’all, kind words have SUCH a strong force behind them. They can be healing...deep down into our bones! That’s a big deal.
Friends, don't forget the healing power of an encouraging phone call, a sweet & thoughtful gift, a handwritten card...heck, even just a smile to a stranger.  Our world is crazy, sometimes scary, and violent, but let's not allow that to drown out the beauty, fun, laughter and generosity.  Let’s start a movement, ya wanna? Let’s make kindness start trending. Let’s make encouragement go viral. Let’s be people who are devoted to building one another up, not tearing each other down.
Cheerleaders, not competition.
We worked tirelessly for over a year to ensure we only included items in the box that someone would use every day.  So, let the necklace serve as a reminder to
“bind kindness and truth around your neck” (Proverbs 3:3). Let the journal remind you that you have so much to be grateful for. Let the mug and print remind you that you really are the Bee’s Knees. The sunglasses are there to remind you that there is so much hope and your future’s so bright. And you better darn well use those four postcards to tell someone else what a bomb-diggity friend you think they are
(and who doesn’t love a good Golden Girls reminder, ya know?).
Our words are powerful. Our intentionality can change lives. We have the power through our thoughtfulness to radically lift someone up (including ourselves).
So, start here.  Send a gift.
Let’s be encouragers, darling.


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