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Lindsay Hall with Bee's Knees Loft
Hey you! 
BKL is a surreal culmination of a dream that was inspired while working in a boutique on the High Street in Oxford, England back in 2008.  Having a mom that has always been on-trend when it comes to clothing (and dressed us to be the same), I have always had a love for fashion and, correspondingly, shopping.  It was while I was living in England, though, that the love I have for fashion grew when I realized I had a knack for helping others find things that flattered and made them feel confident and beautiful.  My love for expensive clothes runs much deeper than my pockets do, so I *LOVE* that I am able to provide items that look and feel luxe, but are much more gentle on the budget.  I don't buy anything that I, myself, don't fall in love with which means the BKL customer can shop with great confidence that these items are hand-picked with so much care, consideration, and with a very critical eye!
My mission through BKL is to help outfit your wardrobe, but to also {most hopefully} share with you the place from which true beauty and secure confidence comes.  I am overwhelmed with thankfulness to get to share the message that my identity comes from a place that is most thoroughly communicated by reading Colossians 2:13-14.  That is the secret to contentment, friends.  Not a pretty frock.
Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey.  I am so grateful that so many of my dreams are coming true through Bee's Knees Loft; what has been even more humbling, though, are the unbelievably kind people that have offered extreme support and encouragement along the way.  I am one very grateful girl.
Bee's Knees Loft believes in getting the best things that are timeless for the best price.  We also believe that being one another's champion and cheerleader instead of each other's competitor is a MUCH more fun way to live life.  
BKL isn't a one-stop shop.  We excel at picking out your wardrobe--but let us introduce you to four amazingly creative friends who excel in other ways to help pull together that new wardrobe and your life.
Taylor Beam with Taylor Alexandra Photo

 Taylor is one of the most talented people BKL knows! She is credited for many of the amazing Bee's Knees fashion shoot images that you see, {}, but she's more than just our {amazing} photographer, she also designs prints, cards, and many other fun things!  Read below to find out more!  

Magnolia Tree was created out of Taylor's desire to create.  She has always felt there is something magical in the art of making something out of nothing and her style ranges from traditional to whimsical. Taylor's creations include: stationery, branding/logos, fine art prints, invitations, signage and custom projects.

You can reach Taylor by visiting

Lara Casey with PowerSheets and The MTH Conference

 Bee's Knees Loft would not be in existence today had it not been for me coming into contact with Lara Casey's PowerSheets.  These goal-setting, focus-inspiring tools helped me narrow in on what I dared to dream and also cleared a bunch of noise and insecurity in my life to help me bit-by-bit achieve those dreams.  I really believe these sheets formed me into a "dreamer who does" instead of just a "dreamer who chronically dreams" ;)

Another amazing opportunity and pivotal point in this process was getting the opportunity to attend the Making Things Happen Conference.  This amazing 2-day conference helped me conquer fears and leap head-first into all the things that are most important to me.  I was re-focused and equipped with practical tools to ensure that those things remain a priority in the midst of so much fluffy and unnecessary busy-ness.

Read more {and become obsessed} at

Cannot recommend these friends and resources enough!  If you love BKL, I can promise you, you'll love these people and what they stand for! They are at the center of the very heartbeat of Bee's Knees Loft.